Pop-up ads

Pop-up ads. Probably one of the most annoying kinds of internet advertising ever invented.

1. vti praise commercial product: to publicize the qualities of a product, service, business, or event in order to encourage people to buy or use it


—Microsoft Works Word Processor Dictionary

Advertising, along with spam, makes up 90% of The Internetz. [citation needed] Advertising on The Internetz is usually done by means of banners on websites, but there's also the much more annoying pop-up window. What people who advertise via pop-up fail to realize is that even if anyone does care about your product, they'll stop caring about it as soon as that window pops up on their screen and rudely interrupts whatever they were doing before, and will want nothing more than to get that thing off their screen.

Advertising can also be done via spamming. People can repeatedly post messages around a website advertising their product or whatever, sometimes with a bot or a script. But like pop-up ads, nobody will care about whatever you're spamming and you'll probably be banned for it.

Advertising via spam on Lol Internet Wiki will get you the usual consequences for violating the rules.